Thursday, October 4, 2012

Return Home Safe Dr. Hope Eghagha


I received some sad news yesterday about the kidnap of a good man I have met and interacted with. I am dedicating this post to his safe return home.

Delta state commissioner for Higher Education and a former lecturer at UNILAG-The University of Lagos,  Nigeria, Dr Hope Eghagha, was kidnapped Sunday morning along the Agbor/Abraka Rd in Delta State by unknown gunmen. The gunmen opened fire on his vehicle killing his orderly and injuring his driver. Dr Eghagha was taken away by the gunmen and they've not made any contact with his family or the Delta State government.

I am praying that he is unhurt wherever he is right now and prevailing on the kidnappers to release him.
Dr. Hope is such a jolly good fellow. He headed my PALF-Pan-African Literary Forum class made up of poets from South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Denmark, The United States... in 2007/2008 and readily shared with us his knowledge.

Dr. Hope, Please return home safely and swiftly.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Sharing one of the songs that will always mean a lot to me, ageless, always takes my breathe away especially when it played in 'Notting Hill" for one of my favourite actresses ever-Julia Roberts. When I am dead and this song plays, I will rise and dance, believe! Enjoy if you may and have a beautiful evening while you are at it.

Friday, September 7, 2012



Wouldn't it be awesome if we could open up our hearts, each to the other so the world can learn from itself?
If everybody put down their scars and lessons, then just maybe we wouldn't have so many broken people walking around ...empty, cracked shells.
We could lean over, pour our wealth into the void of another and all walk away filled.
In the past few months I have learned many things but I am going to summarize as my emotion usually pours out in condensed forms. After all, poetry is a condensation of thought.

Do not destroy what you cannot create,
do not shake foundations you cannot build,
Do not curse yourself trying to pull down somebody.

..for there will come a time, the bile will engulf your being and there will be no possitivity left in you even if you try.

Do not be the scorpion with alcohol running down his back..
God gave us all the power that makes him God-to create.
Do not lose the God in you.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Home is where the waves crash yonder. 
Where my heart sings a staircase away. 
Where my spirit is lifted. 
Where me and my seed is sown
Home is where my mood is airy. 
Where you always respond when I call 
Where little feet scurry and harmless mischief chuckles. 
Home is us.